Our professional landscaping firm Brightview Landscape provides lawn care for every household in The Ridge (see describtions below), primarily front and side lawn service. The cost for this service is included in your annual homeowners dues. At an additional cost to the homeowner Brightview Landscape can also do more advanced service such as plant annuals, provide additional rejuvenational pruning, sod, tree service and distribute mulch. For more detailed work contact Brightview or a landscaper.

OLM is the firm that directs Brightview and also provides the landscape report.  Limitations to service do apply.  We are a low maintenance community but that doesn’t mean no maintenance. Homeowners are required to maintain their properties.

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Have a specific gardening or yard question not involving Brightview Landscape ask the Home and Garden Information Center or the UGA Cooperative Extension.

Contact Information

Contact: Natasha McGrath, The Ridge Account Manager
Email: yard@theridgejc.com

Contact: Nick Ginn, The Ridge Assistant Branch Manager
Email: yard@theridgejc.com

What to expect: *Some items listed below are only for the HOA common areas and do not apply to the homeowners residences.  For any general comments or concerns about yard service please contact yard@theridgejc.com

  • January.  Tree pruning to include low limbs, random cross branching than can be reached from the ground.  Ornamental Grass cut back.  Rejuvenational pruning of deciduous plants such as Burning Bush. Mow bermuda.  Fungicide, deadhead, and fertilize winter annuals (*HOA common area only).
  • February.  Crape Myrtle pruning.  Liriope cut back.   Bermuda chemical application for winter weeds.  Rejuvenational pruning and structure pruning of plant material can begin now.  Mow bermuda.  Fungicide, deadhead, and fertilize annuals (*HOA common area only).
  • March. Preemerge Bermuda chemical application.  Structure pruning and rejuvenational pruning.  Check for and hand pull weeds as needed.  Service annuals apply pine straw (*HOA common area only).
  • April.  Complete structure pruning and rejuvenational pruning.  HOA common area only: start up irrigation system and diagnose for needed repairs.  Late April- summer annuals can be planted.
  • May- October.  Weekly mowing, edging, and blowing.  Weekly pruning which is cyclical so that plants get lightly shaped as needed. Rounds 2-4 for Bermuda turf.  Maintenance of summer annuals (*HOA common area only).
  • November.  Round 5 chemical lawn application to control winter weeds.  Final shaping of plants.  Some leaf removal to begin.
  • December.  Leaf removal.  Some tree pruning to begin this month.