Consider your neighbors and keep your dogs on leashes when exercising them in the community (adhering to leash laws as well as being mindful that some individuals are scared of dogs). Fulton County Animal Services is located at 860 Marietta Boulevard, 404-613-0358.

  • Keep your dogs behind a HOA approved fence that the dog can not escape from
  • Clean up and properly dispose of your dogs waste.  If your kids walk the dog they to will be responsible for cleaning up after your pet.  This includes community common ground areas
  • Remember that there is a $250 fine for dog owners who do not clean up after their pets

Dog owners consider a service that will come to your home and clean dog waste up out of your yard to maintain a clean, beautiful and healthy environment.  Several services to consider are:


Contractor Signs:

The HOA board of directors is pleased to see that many of you are in the process of maintaining your homes with the proper repairs.  We would like to remind you while you are having work done on your homes to please be aware that our covenants state that no yard signs (contractors, etc.) are allowed in your front lawns (see covenant 8.4).  If you do have a sign in your yard, please have it removed.

Slow Down: several people in the community have expressed their concerns about the speed at which some individuals drive through the community. Getting home 30 seconds earlier is not worth the risk of injury to someone else.  With summer break, there will be more children outside playing. Please be aware of the speed limit and be courteous to all neighbors in our community by slowing down.

Property Maintenance: