Homeowner association fees are due on January 1st each year. We usually offer the option of paying half immediately and the balance to be received by the end of March of that same year.

Your dues pay for:

  • Your Front and Side Lawn Care Service Lawn mowing
  • Leaf collection
  • Limited Shrub trimming and pruning
  • Bed edging / weeding
  • 5 Lawn treatments
  • The maintenance of the grounds and community spaces
  • The Pool maintenance and outdoor furniture The life guard
  • Saline pool
  • The Club House maintenance and furniture
  • The Tennis Court maintenance
  • Annual flower plantings at the entrance
  • Front entrance lighting / accent lighting / street lighting
  • All electrical and water costs associated with all of the above
  • The cost of the community management association
  • The cost of landscape management group
  • December Holiday Decorations
  • Some community social activities
  • Street sign upgrades and various other items



Homeowners will receive two invoices from Community Management Associates (CMA) for the The Ridge Club, Inc. annual assessment along with these payment instructions.  The assessment amount is due on January 1, 20xx.  It must be received on or before January 31, 20xx to avoid the 10% late fee.

The Association will strictly enforce this payment policy to protect our homeowners against any financial losses.

The homeowner is required to pay the annual assessment in a timely manner, regardless of whether they receive notification of the assessment.

If a homeowner has not received the invoice packet by January 1, 20xx, the homeowner should notify CMA immediately.

Two payment plans are available for 20xx.

Payment option 1

CMA must receive the total amount, on or before January 31, 20xx to avoid the 10% late fee.

Both invoices must be mailed with the payment from the homeowner to receive proper credit.

Payment option 2 

CMA must receive the first payment on or before January 31, 20xx to avoid the 10% late fee and to allow the homeowner to defer the second-half of the assessment.  The appropriate invoice must be mailed with this payment.

CMA must receive the second payment on or before March 31, 20xx to avoid the 10% late fee.  The appropriate invoice must be mailed with this payment.

Late fees incurred will always equal 10% of the total assessment, thus if a homeowner is late with both payments in utilizing the two payment option, the late fee will actually total 20%.


If using Online Bill Pay, payments should be submitted at least 10 days prior to the due date as all payments must be received by CMA as outlined above to avoid a late fee.  Please use the following address since no invoice(s) will be included when using the online banking payment option:

The Ridge Club, Inc.
C/O Community Management Associates
1465 Northside Drive
Suite 128
Atlanta, GA  30318

If you have any questions regarding your 20xx Annual Assessment please feel free to contact CMA at 404.835.9100.