It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors of The Ridge Club, Inc. to operate as a governing committee to evaluate everything taking place in the neighborhood according to three criteria:

  • Our Mission
  • Our Resources
  • Our Covenants

Our Mission is to promote and maintain the safety of our community, to uphold and increase the values of the homes in our neighborhood, to be wise with the money we have been given to control, and to be fair and righteous with our arbitrations and decisions.

Alternating Board positions are up for election in November at the annual board meeting.  Board members serve a two year term.


  • Donna Hodges President (term 1/01/2023 -1/01/2025)
  • Steve Kaufman Vice President (term 1/01/2022 -1/01/2024) election Nov 2023
  • Mike McCoy – Secretary (term 1/01/2023 -1/01/2025)
  • Laura Wilson – Treasurer (term 1/01/2022 – 1/01/2024) election Nov 2023

The following are members at large

  • Michelle Johnson At Large (term 1/01/2023 – 1/01/2025)
  • Crist Ridley At Large (term 1/01/2023 – 1/01/2025)
  • Sean McDonald At Large (term 1/01/2022 – 1/01/2024) election 2023